Saman Bank


Saman Bank (Persian: بانک سامان‎‎) is a privately owned Iranian bank. It is listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange.This bank started its activities as Credit Institution in September 1999. Subsequently, in August 2002, it received a full banking license and changed its name to Saman Bank. In 2002, Saman was the third private financial institution in post-revolutionary Iran to receive a banking license. In this context, the share capital increased to Rials 220 bln (US$26 mln).


Rebranding Relaunch Activations


Saman Bank was rebranding its whole Identity and its new identity was to shift from being a product oriented bank focusing on the advantages such as Smartness to a service oriented bank focusing on the relation ship building. It was looking for a campaign to launch its new identity.



Eshareh as our sister company came up with the idea of turning the formal banks of Saman to a informal receptions for a day in which customers are invited to join and see the different ambience in which the Manager comes and greet everyone and food & Drinks are served and light music is being played at the background. The Campaign was run in 66 Branches at the same time.


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