Samsung / Look at me (Autism Awareness Campaign)



Around 1% of the population of Iran have Autism, almost out of every 65 children one is born with this disorder. However, Iranians have a very little awareness on Autism. We were asked to come up with a campaign to raise awareness on Autism



Given the fact that Autism is a kind of Communication disorder, we tried to use one of the main means of communication, Painting, as our strategy to attract attention. By this we wanted to show that if Autism is diagnosed at an early age and empowered could bring children to at least a normal life and even a privileged one since there might be some uncovered talents in them and two, we wanted to venerate the souls of Autistic children’s parents by manifesting such a great show from autistic children. Therefore, at first we partnered with an institute ,Ravan Pazhuhane Mofid, whose trainer, Mr.Mofid, used art therapy to empower these autistic children. we went on a journey of around 5 Months with him to culminate to around 70 painting master pieces all drawn by autistic children. Then, we decided to exhibit all these painting in one of the most prestigious galleries of Tehran, Aryana, for four days. In addition, during the exhibition period we held different workshops on Art therapy for parents and ended the Event with a concert done by autistic children.



One of the most important events of Autism in Iran (Source: PR) More than 500 Visits to the Gallery More than 200K social media impression

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