For the Fourth Time: DMN alongside Huawei

Marketing strategist, Mitch Tobol, says people enter into business partnership with those whom they know, they like and they trust. However, trustworthiness is not gained easily. With competition gaining momentum in the market in the contemporary era, this issue can serve as one of the most important assets for any business.

Huawei, one of the leading phone manufacturing companies, unveiled its P9 and P9 Plus smartphones at Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran on Sunday, June 5th. DMN was in charge of planning and holding this event, the fourth joint cooperation of these two companies.

The program started at 14:00 hours and continued until around 22:00 hours in two sections. The first section belonged to reporters and analysts in the field of technology as well as opinion leaders and influencers.

 In the second section, Huawei was host to sale agents and numerous investors and company members who totaled about 300 persons. The ceremony was held within a month from the main unveiling ceremony in London.

A number of university students visited the company in the morning the same day to get acquainted with the marketing and publicity activities of the company.

DMN Managing Director Poya Ghaznavi told them what was of great importance to them as per customs briefing was attracting attentions to the issue that the new Huawi smartphone has an awesome dual-lens camera, one is for color images and the other for black-and-white pictures. Huawei’s new smartphone has been co-engineered with Leica Camera, and laying emphasis on this issue was a customer demand throughout the program.

On the other hand the main unveiling ceremony of the company which was held in London chose the phrase “Change the Way You See the World” as their theme and there was a “#00” image which was a symbol of the dual-lens rear cameras, which was used at the social media to conduct marketing and disseminate information. Naturally we were obliged to use and follow them. Therefore our ideas for planning and interior design of the complex were formed around these issues.

Reaching the venue of the event, the first thing that attracted attention was the location of Espinas Palace Hotel on one of the highest districts of the city. As a result, this provided a perfect perspective of Tehran for the participants, a considerable number of whom were Chinese.

Inside the lobby, there was an exhibition of pictures taken by the two cameras of Huawei smartphones. Lots of people were attracted to this section.

Talking about the images, the event project manager, Shamim Hosseini, said,” At the proposal of DMN, the new smartphones were put at the disposal of four photographers chosen by Huawei about 20 days ago. (These people could act well as influencers because of having lots of followers on their Instagram pages.) They were asked to take photos using the smartphone’s cameras. Some images were chosen from among the pictures taken and were put on display within the framework of an exhibition.

A competition was held at the event venue and from among the images displayed, the participants chose a picture taken by Hoda Rostami as the best image. She was honored during the program.

The main part of the program started after the audiences were seated in the conference hall. First of all Huawei country manager Ray Yao took the floor and talked about the good quality of the Huawei phones. Huawei senior marketing manager Benyamin Darami was the next speaker who delivered his speech within the framework of the three topics of designing, photography and technology. The organizers tried to keep the event atmosphere close to the style of the main unveiling program of these smartphones in London. This was thoroughly visible with respect to lighting. Despite this (the efforts made), the garish environment inside the assembly venue of the Espinas Palace Hotel seemed inconsistent to some extent.

DMN Event Manager Setareh Alirezaie Far said in this respect: “One of the problems existing at present is that there are not good exhibition halls in our country. We needed a flat hall in which a photo exhibition, the unveiling ceremony and experience zone would be held. But our options were limited. Reviewing them and taking into consideration the budget and the timing the client had announced to us, we chose this place. We started the design activities about 15 days ago and the construction activities were launched on Friday. The result is what you see. In some cases, the hotel did not give us the authority to do certain things. For instance, we wanted to replace the chandeliers with modern lights but the hotel did not give the permission.

Arash Barahmand, known blogger in the technology field, told dnaunion reporter: I have participated in numerous unveiling events both inside and outside the country. On the whole, it was a good program. Usage and very good use of three monitor and proper partitioning of the space were among points of strength of the event as they were able to induce the technological atmosphere of the event despite the dominant ostentatious environment.

After the speeches, it was time to surprise the audience. The conference hall was connected to the experience zone through two tunnels (one colored and the other black-and-white), which were a symbol of the two cameras on the back of the smartphone.

The exciting part of the program started with entertaining at the experience zone. At each corner of the hall, an interesting event was inviting the guests towards itself. The programs of this hall were designed based on the concept of illusion and inspired by the “Change the Way You See the World” theme. In a part of the hall, 3D stickers were stuck to the wall and the ground. People stood on them and took pictures.

In another corner, the optical illusion room was set up which was interesting to opinion leaders of Instagram more than any other person. In the main section, an area was allocated to testing and experiencing working with smartphones. The #00 sign was seen throughout the event venue.

Answering a question on the date of holding the event, Huawei senior marketing manager said: “We do our best so that the unveiling ceremony in cities of different countries would be held simultaneously with the main unveiling event in future. However, this is conditioned significantly on the market and its conditions including receiving orders and…”

Darami added: “At present Huawei brand has two brand ambassadors. However, due to strictness and hardness of their contracts it was not possible to invite them to Iran and to take advantage of their local marketing activities. That is why we referred to the influencers in Iran and targeted them so that through them, we would be able to influence the small communities they have formed around themselves at virtual networks.”

In conclusion, Darami referred to cooperation with DMN saying that there were individuals in the team who did their best so that the event would be held in the best possible way. This can be considered a point of strength for the company. There were people, however, whose performance was not that strong.

The DMN personnel and Huawei members got ready for the second part of the program once the first part came to an end. Guests gradually started to arrive at Espinas Palace Hotel around 18:00hours. The program started with warm reception. The Huawei sales agents, some of whom had attended the program along with their family, were chatting with each other in small groups and taking photos.

The rest of the program was like the previous one, with a single exception. Each of the participants was given a card upon their arrival. All the cards had the P9 writing on the back. Three cards, however, had a writing on their back which changed color when put in front of the phone flashlight.

At the end of the program, lights were put off for a few seconds and the audience were asked to cast the light of their flashlights on the back of their cards. In this way, the three people who had the special writings were identified as the winners of the event and received prizes.

Author: Dnaunion


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