Samsung / S7 & S7 Edge Launch Event



Samsung is Globally famous for the launch events it holds for its flagship mobile phones. The biggest, The most creative, the Most expensive, The most prestigious always belongs to Samsung. Therefore, we partnered with Eshareh, our sister company, were asked to take part in the pitch of launching S7 event.



The interaction of human & technology was chosen as the main theme of the event. The venue was the biggest in terms of the spectators size , Milad Tower. More than 1,000 guests were invited for the event. A 400 Sq. meter area was chosen for the experience zone where people could experience using the product with creative ideas designed accordingly.


The activations were all run with the purpose of maximizing the features S7. For example, The Dark room with the zombie in it was designed to show the Night Vision ability of S7 or the Reverse room was an attractive way to engage the guest to shoot some photos with the new strong camera of S7. Around 100 brand promoters were selected to assist in running the event.

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