Huawei / Mate 8 Public Launch Roadshow



Normally the launch events are run for a limited number of guests in a closed space, however this time we were asked to come up with a solution to involve public audience in the launch.



Since we were approaching new year and before new years shopping increases significantly, We decided to transform this event to a one month road show in one of the biggest malls of Tehran, Kourosh. We also created a photography booth in which people were invited to take pictures with funny masks and costumes. We also designed a social contest(#mate8) that encouraged people to take the funniest photos they can and share it on Instagram, and the one who had the highest likes won a mate8 cellphone and there was a creative winner too who was appointed by our creative jury.



More than 1,000 active followers Around 200 photos posted The highest number of likes was 8,000