Procter & Gamble Co., also known as P&G, is an American multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, founded by William Procter and James Gamble, both from the United Kingdom.[2] Its products include cleaning agents, and personal care products. Prior to the sale of Pringles to the Kellogg Company, its product line also included foods and beverages


Head & Shoulders / Sampling


P&G (Tehran Bouran) asked us to run the Global Head & Shoulders Consultant program to both educate the users on the impact of H&S and increase trial. Scientific Superiority of the brand was also another major objective for H&S.



The campaign was run in Tehran for a period of 1 month in 22 drugstores. Two Med reps were put in selected drugstores in a rotational method. They invited the target audience for a free scalp check with the H&S magnifier microscopes to show them if they have dandruff problem and also give them a brief presentation on the causes of the dandruff and then introduce the H&S as the best solution.



More than 4000 people in Direct Reach 18% conversion Rate

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