Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (Persian:شرکت ارتباطات سیار ایران‎‎), commonly abbreviated as MCI and also known under its brand name Hamrahe Aval (Persian: همراه اول‎‎; The First Operator), is the first and largest mobile operator in Iran. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran and has approximately 17 million postpaid and 49 million prepaid subscribers. Hamrahe Aval's service is available in 1,239 cities and over 70,000 kilometers of highway in Iran. It provides roaming services via 271 partner operators in more than 112 countries.


Telecom Exhibition Activation


Telecom exhibition is a very famous and important exhibition for all the telecom corporations. Hamrahe aval came to us asked for a digital related Idea where we could pull in thousands of Visitors.



knowing that Iranians love football and more importantly love Playing football in play station, we equip the Hamrahe Aval Booths with large LCDs and many play station devices. Also, we ran a Hamrahe Aval Cup in which players had to compete with one another and reach grand prix.



More than 5000 Visitors

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