Bit Malt


The Bitburger Brewery was founded at its present location in the West of Germany in 1817 and has since then been a 100 % family property. Meanwhile it is the seventh generation that is brewing high quality beer with exquisite ingredients in Bitburg, in strict compliance with the German purity law from 1516: Beer must consist only of hops, malt and water. All these ingredients come from the vicinity of the brewery – yet another reason why Bitburger is characterised by a special affinity with its home country despite its global activities.


Outdoor Sampling



Ashi Mashi’s Strategy to launch Bit Malt was to make as much trial as possible. Therefore , they came to us asking for the best high reach potentials plan to do their Sampling.



one of our approaches was to reach the target in special occasions at the right time. For example we decided to do the sampling in important Exhibitions such as Agro Food or in Tennis Tournaments where people are eagerly looking for taste breakers.



More than 2600 Small Bottles sampled in Exhibition More 1200 Kilo Sampled in Tennis Tournaments

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